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Security issues should not be neglected

2016-09-01 12:02:29

Safety first is Linuo most operation codes, how to ensure the machine safe and effective running is always each of Linuo people’s responsibility. There are some safety methods to share with customers.

1.Main parts of Linuo machine are made of well-known international brands. These advanced technologies must be consistent with the premise of their working conditions and safety procedures can be ensured.

2. Service life of Linuo truck mixer pump is 10 years. In order to ensure the life of the equipment, we should use the parts produced by Linuo.

3. Linuo truck mixer pump should work under 3000m above sea level.

4. Working temperature is-5~45℃, but the 24h average temperature should not exceed 35 ℃; non-working time temperature should not be lower than -40 degrees.

5. When working, must be placed on a firm flat ground.