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The installment of concrete mixer pump before pumping construction

2016-03-16 18:03:16

The installment of concrete mixer pump before pumping construction

The concrete mixer pump mixes concrete on site when pouring construction. So the position of equipment should be in consideration of the site and way of adding material of concrete mixer pump. Then the position of concrete pump should be settled by the height of unloading material and requirement of suitable pump transportation and pipe connection. The procedures are listed in the following steps for installing the concrete mixer pump:

1. Requirements of placing
Before installing the mixing transferring pump, put the concrete pump on the ground or stone pier to maintain the level. And lock the four legs of the positioning pin and safety pin of the pump to make the tire off the ground or remove the tire.

2. Installment of the chute
Make a chute according to the outlet port and hopper of the concrete mixer pump to put material discharged by the pump into the hopper through the chute. Meanwhile, the chute uses angle iron as skeleton and is ironed by steel plate of 1.5mm in depth. Plank is used under the brace for security.

Installment of hopper
Usually, the hopper should be heightened about 20cm so the concrete will not be dropped with larger hopper. What needs attention is that unloading material of forcing type pump should be done one time to make sure the smooth concrete flowing into the pump. If the material is unloaded for several times, more stones will be in the concrete and do harm to the pumping. Particularly, the hopper should be higher when the slump is larger. If it is a large-quantity mixer pump, a material-reserved hopper should be made for incessant material supply.

4. Requirements
In usual, the chute should be put in a certain angle. The applicable angle is between 25°and 40°. The slump should not be too high. Make a space for the chute and hopper to clean hopper and sieve when the chute is connected with the hopper. When the concrete mixer pump is installed, constructor should look over to make sure that it is convenient to open and close the trim door for maintenance.