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Specifications for three kinds of oil used by concrete mixer pump

2016-03-16 18:02:05

The three kinds of oil mentioned are referring to hydraulic oil for main oil pump, lubricating oil, and diesel oil for power.

First, hydraulic oil

If the pressure of concrete mixer pump is too high and unstable, the oil temperature will get higher, the vibration of pipeline is obvious, and the pumping is difficult, forced pumping is not allowed. Besides, we should immediately find out the causes and eliminate it. First we can use mallets to tap the elbow and cone-shaped tube of the pipeline for slow or reverse pumping to prevent blockage.

Second, lubricating oil

Because of their high load capacity and operating frequency, the piston, reversing valve and the bearing of mixing arm of the concrete mixer pump are the focus of lubrication, and have relatively high requirements for lubricating grease. Lubrication grease aims to reduce the drag and friction of operating parts and extend the service life of machinery.

Reasonable selection of lubricating grease

(1) When selecting grease, we should mainly consider the friction condition, operating condition (continuous operation, intermittent operation, whether there is vibration and shock and so on), and operating environment (degree of humidity, temperature, and air pollution).       
(2)The grease should be adapted to the speed of parts that need it.
(3)The grease should be commensurate with the safe load.
(4)The grease should be adapted to environmental conditions.
(5)The grease should fit the way how the operating part provides it.
(6)The grease should be adapted to the purpose of using.
(7)Make sure we reduce the type of the grease and increase economic efficiency.

When the concrete mixer pump is working and the critical temperature of parts that needing lubrication like piston is 50-55 degrees, we can tell that semi fluid non-extreme pressure lithium lubricating grease is very suitable for the working condition of the pump.

Third, diesel oil

The power of Linuo mixer pump is diesel-electric, diesel power and electric power can be switched with each other. In case of sufficient electric power supply, using electric drives can effectively reduce fuel consumption, and is economical; in the case of insufficient electric power supply, using diesel generator is convenient and practical.
Diesel should be used after sedimentation, filtration, and removing impurities, generally no less than 48 hours. This is because that high-pressure oil pumps and nozzles of high-speed diesel engine are very precise parts; once the mechanical impurities enter, they will be heavily worn. In addition, when used in low temperature conditions, diesel should be preheated. Except the solidifying point, the quality indicators of different diesel oil are basically the same, so the oil can be mixed if it is adapted to the season.