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Using conditions and scope of the mini concrete pump

2016-03-16 17:31:32

The mini concrete pump has been popularly used,especially the application of trailer concrete mixer pump brings real benefits to rural self-establish builders. However, the application of trailer concrete mixer pump has certain conditions and scopes.    

Application scopes of trailer concrete mixer pump

A: Applicable for the construction with average area of over 200 square meters. Larger the construction area, higher our equipment efficiency, more advantageous features of the trailer concrete mixer pump are able to be performed.
B: Also apply to rural road hardening
C: As well as to construction site that inconvenient to feed material up to the building (our equipment can be used 100 meters away from the construction site)
D: Especially suitable for the medium project in urban development, cheaper than commercial concrete, higher efficiency than ordinary mixer, less labor is required.  

Application conditions of trailer concrete mixer pump

High voltage 50 KVA electric substation. Generally, substations in towns and villages are above 50 KVA. The nearer to the transformer, the better. www.cslinuo.com