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Operation specification of Concrete trailer concrete mixer pump

2016-03-16 17:30:25

Concrete trailer concrete mixer pump is a kind of Changsha Linuo mini concrete pumps, artifact for concrete placing in small construction site. Has the features of wide applicability, fast in concrete pouring, long transmission distance, less labor, high degree of automation, and etc. Construction personnel must operate in accordance with the concrete mixer pump operation manual.

First, preparatory work

1. Ensure the power supply effectively
2. Pipeline connection should take the least amount of elbow, minimum distance as the principle
3. First to pump water to wet the pipes, then pumping a small quantity of mortar to lubricate the pipe, reduce the resistance when begins to deliver concrete
4. Check whether the pipe connection is firm, if there is a water or mortar leakage in the joint. Tighten the fastening screws
5. Check if the lithium-based grease in the lubricating oil tank is enough
6. Start the dynamo, converse to the remote control, open the radiator. Filling water in the piston tank for cooling

Second, concrete conveying

1. Reasonable proportion of concrete, pay attention to gradation of the large aggregate with small aggregate. Concrete with poor quality cannot be pumped, so as not to block the pipe
2. Stirring time should not be less than 90 seconds
3. Agitation tank cannot discharge too much too fast each time, to avoid hopper overflow. Ensure the concrete excess material in the hopper no lower than the concrete cylinder
4. In case of blocking pipe, should stop pumping immediately, find the exact location of the blocking and handle in time

Third, operations after conveying

1. Stop pumping when concrete in the hopper has been pumped a small amount, pump a small amount of mortar, send cleaning ball into cylinder, the pump should be started up after the hopper is full filled with water, until the clean ball being pumped out from the other end
2. Clear up the remained concrete around the hopper and trailer concrete mixer pump