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HBT Diesel Mini Concrete Pump
  • HBT Diesel Mini Concrete Pump
  • HBT Diesel Mini Concrete Pump
  • HBT Diesel Mini Concrete Pump
  • HBT Diesel Mini Concrete Pump
  • Model : HBT50.10.66RS
  • Application : Building, highway, bridge, road,water conservancy projects,dams ,slope protection and so on.
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• Double-double pump open-loop hydraulic system , the main pump and gear pump series, the pump and valve block all use of the famous brands Rexroth, Kawasaki products.
 • integrated lessons well-known enterprises at home and abroad over the design advantages of using three-dimensional optimization of the design of a unique curved material, forming a die, almost no dead ends, suction good. Agitation by the entire shaft axis design, embolization motor, strictly ensures the coaxial. S valve casting alloy materials used, durability, making more prominent pump performance, lower cost.
 • Powered by China’s first brand Deutz Dalian, Weichai cost-effective products.
 •  First to use automatic and manual lubrication system with the double, both independent use, can also work to facilitate use lubricants road cleaning and lubrication, for a long time to bring old and inadequate lubrication problems to be resolved. In the ensure effective lubrication at the same reduce the single largest fuel pump waste, but also to avoid excessive Cuanru Lubricants hopper led to the decline in the strength of the concrete brought hidden dangers.
         •  Imported five curve speed diesel engine throttle control computor,effetively reducing labor intensity,energy saving of more than 20%.
         • Intelligent integrated control circuit used Mitsubishi,Omron,Schneider,Matsushita(Panasonic),and other world-renowed brands.
   • Mandatory emissions can be controlled large air-cooled radiator,dual-circut,big oil,the oil temperature does not guarantee work for more than 60 degree C.


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