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Dangerous! Remove the tube of concrete mixer pump with compression

2016-03-16 17:24:08

According to a new client, stones are welled up when constructor removes the tube. It is lucky that there is no injury. What accounts for this is that the client does not decompress when removing the tube.

When concrete mixer pump is being used, construction safety is very important. However, many details are not familiar for the trailer concrete mixer pump construction such as decompression in the removal of tube. It could be dangerous if constructor does not decompress.

Why decompression before removing the tube of trailer concrete mixer pump?

The principle of concrete mixer pump is the high pressure pump, transferring concrete pump to pouring condition by hydraulic pressure. There is pressure in the tube when the trailer concrete mixer pump stops operation. If we remove the tube now, the stones in the tube will be welled up under the pressure. And if someone stands nearby the tube, he will be injured by the stones.

What should constructor do before removing the tube of trailer concrete mixer pump?

The first is to depress before removing the tube so the pressure in the tube is in accordance with the outside pressure. There is no danger when removing the tube.

There are still many problems on the mixer pump. We should construct under the safety operation specification.