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Matters to be noted for choosing lubricating oil and hydraulic oil

2016-03-16 17:17:14

Choose of lubricating oil and hydraulic oil is important, especially it has connections with the smoothness and operating life. Brief choose of lubricating oil and hydraulic oil.

Matters to be noted for lubricating oil selection

1. Choose appropriate oil types and level according to working condition of engine is very important. (Lubricating oil is divided to diesel oil engine lubricating oil and gasoline engine lubricating oil and they have different types for choose.)

2. Lubricating oil grade and viscosity grade should be in consideration of the local temperature when choosing lubricating oil.

Matters to be noted for choosing hydraulic oil

1. In the selection of hydraulic oil, we need to choose those with low coefficient of volume expansion and high specific heat.

2. Low flow point and freezing point, high ignition point and flash point are also the fact we must take into consideration in selecting hydraulic oil.

3. When choosing the viscosity grade of hydraulic oil, we mainly consider the operating pressure, ambient temperature and operating speed of the hydraulic system. This is different from lubricating oil

We believe that you all have a certain understanding on the selection of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil of mini concrete pump. If you need more detailed information, please call Linuo customer service hotline, and we would like to explain you in detail.