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Reasons of low probability of pipe blocking for Linuo trailer concrete mixer pum

2016-03-16 17:10:17

 Reasons of low probability of pipe blocking for Linuo trailer concrete mixer pump

If trailer concrete mixer pump operator not familiar with equipment, the pipeline shall be easily blocked. It involves two aspects of trailer concrete mixer pump property and operator’s professional skill. Changsha Linuo trailer concrete mixer pump’s property and impeccable operation training process shall reduce the probability of pipe blocking to an extremely low level.
First of all, Linuo trailer concrete mixer pump of superior capability adopting Kawasaki hydraulic pump, going with 100MM cylinder diameter, pumping pressure reaches 8MPa. Concrete’s conveying is strong and powerful. Transferring cylinder of 200MM/230MM enables Linuo trailer concrete mixer pump to convey aggregates such as clastic rocks of 4CM and cobbles.      
Besides, pipe blocking of trailer concrete mixer pump is caused by operation error.
1. Operator error can easily lead to pipe blocking: inattention of the operator, inappropriate confect control, overlong downtime, unclean pipe.
2. Improper pipe connection causes pipe blocking, too many bends, seal is lax and etc.
4. Partial mortar leakage in the concrete. The leakage of mortar affects concrete quality. On the other side, mortar leakage shall lead to decrease of slump of concrete and loss of pumping pressure, sequentially causing pipe blocking.
5. Unqualified concrete. Too big or too small concrete slump, too small sand factor, improper size grade of coarse aggregate, too little or too much cement dosage, improper selected admixtures.
6. Temperature changes cause pipe blocking. Temperatures in summer is high, the pipeline is in the heat of direct sunlight. Concrete is easy to dehydration, sequentially causing pipe blocking. The pipeline should be stamped with wet straw bag or other cooling products. Heat preservation measures should be taken in winter, ensure the temperature of the concrete.   
The above mentioned are few of common reasons and preventive measures for pipe blocking. In actual production process, due to the changes of external conditions, the reasons causing pipe blocking are usually much more than the mentioned. But as long as we operate strictly in accordance with the procedures, pay attention to preventive measure and constantly sum up experience and lessons from each time of blocking,then the possibility of pipe blocking is able to be minimized.