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Detailed annotation of frequently asked questions on hydraulic system of concret

2016-03-16 17:02:16

Detailed annotation of Frequently asked questions on hydraulic system of concrete pump:
         1. Heating. Friction between each place of all parts of hydraulic system of concrete pump generates heat, because of the running of whole project system. The hydraulic oil flow in the system with the heat, which can cause the temperature of hydraulic oil rising. There is possibility for outleakage once the temperature of hydraulic oil rising. Meanwhile, the mechanical work efficiency shall be reduced. Once the temperature of hydraulic oil reaches a certain extent, the inflation shall increase compressibility, affecting the control action deliver. There is no complete solution to this problem, but only to be reduced as far as possible. That using high quality Mobil hydraulic oil and adopting better hydraulic system plant can be reduced the temperature as far as possible. High-power air-cooled radiator adopted by Changsha Linuo can effectively keep the oil temperature on working standard in order to ensure normal operation of the hydraulic system of concrete pump.

        2. Vibration, another chronic problem of concrete pump hydraulic system. The high-speed flow of the hydraulic oil in channel of device causes crash and other impacts, so the hydraulic system generates vibration. Too strong vibration shall make the system control error with causing system failure. In order to make less vibration, the pipe should be well-fixed at the beginning, and reduce sharp bends. Shock absorption measures should be taken in sharp bends. Vibration control measures should be taken in the whole system. Hydraulic pipeline of concrete pump (or trailer concrete mixer pump) of Changsha Linuo is carefully designed, the internal friction is very low, but the efficiency is high.   

        3. Leakage. The hydraulic oil can be easily leaked as mentioned in paragraph 2. There are internal and external leaks. Internal leakage means leakage happening inside the system, which will not lose hydraulic oil,but it shall affect the control action, easily to cause system failure. External leakage means leakage happening outside the system, which will lose hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil flow to the external working environment directly, the system pressure decreases which can be caused malfunctions. The hydraulic oil leaked out may lead to a fire. Since hydraulic system of concrete pump of Changsha Linuo adopts imported sealing parts of high-strength and high-temperature-resistant, the leakproofness is excellent, the service life is long.