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Enterprise vision : hundreds of talent, achievement dream

Make life : urban construction is simpler, more relaxed, more safety

Value concept : honest, enterprising, cooperation, innovation, passion, honest, humble, happy, learning, and focus

Integrity : a person's first, uphold justice, honest, and trustworthy people skills important principle;

Enterprising : have the courage to take responsibility, take the initiative to meet new tasks and challenges. Keep curiosity, learning, the pursuit of excellence.

Win-win cooperation : with open mentality, Shared with partners industry growth; Have the vision, able to interact with other team, common goal;

Innovation : dares to breakthrough, have the courage to try, do not fear failure, is a good summary.

Business philosophy : to achieve the customer value as the goal

Service concept : customer first, education winning, adhere to the service of the brand

Management idea : care staff growth, improve the staff training system and career development channel, give employees with enterprise synchronous